The Power of a Morning Routine


I’m really glad that you’ve joined the Find Your Purpose 30-day challenge! If you stick with this challenge for the next 30 days, I’m confident that it will be a turning point in your life.

You probably joined this challenge because you feel like there is something missing from your life. You’re not alone. Almost everyone feels the same way. The truth is that there are actually several things missing.

Over the next several days you’ll learn how to change your life by connecting with 9 different desires that motivate you. While you’re very familiar with some of these desires, there are other even more powerful desires that you don’t think about much. I’ll help you see where things are out of balance and what you can do to have a more complete and satisfying life.

For this process to work you’ll need to take some time to think. In our busy world, finding time to think can be hard. That is why this challenge begins with a simple morning routine.

If you’re like most people, you might start your day by grabbing your phone and checking to see if you got any “important” notifications while you were sleeping. From the first moments of the day you begin reacting to the demands that others place on your time.

Over the next month you’ll start to break free from these distractions and create some space where you can plan and direct your own day and your own life.

With the morning routine, you’ll set aside a few minutes at the beginning of each day to develop key habits that will transform your life. You’ll have some time to reflect on the big picture, learn new things, and plan your day.

Here is what you need to do today, so you’ll be ready to start tomorrow morning:

  1. Download the morning routine guide
  2. Print the personal contract (or copy it by hand)
  3. Fill it out
  4. Post it on your wall

This morning routine may seem too simple. Can you really transform your life in a few minutes a day?

Consider this. If you spend just 10 minutes a day on this morning routine, in a years time it will add up to 60 hours! Don’t you think that 60 hours of time focused on improving your life will make a difference? Of course.

Another point to consider is that this morning routine is just a starting point. For example, you probably know that exercising would improve your health and mood, but it’s a difficult habit to start. But if you start with something really easy (like the 2 minutes warm up in the morning routine) and stick with it until it becomes a habit, then you can grow it into a routine that is very useful.

That’s all for now. Before you wake up tomorrow morning, I’ll send you another email to read during your morning routine.

Warm regards,
Ryan Foster

Download the morning routine guide here.

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